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Sensory Solutions is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic that facilitates growth and development in children of all ages. We strongly believe each child is unique and we design our individualized treatment plans based on each child’s particular strengths and needs.
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Our services are child-centered and play based to promote successful outcomes. Read more about our services we provide and our Specialized Programs that are used within the clinic!
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2023 Summer Camps

Check under the "Groups" page for our 2023 Summer Camps flyers and registration forms! We currently have three special camps:

Mighty Minds - A Kinder Way To Grow
Let's Play - Together We Thrive
Constructing Our Way To Self Regulation

Sign up now for the Summer Camp that best fits your child's needs!
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We are excited to announce our recently remodeled space at Sensory Solutions! Come explore our newest gym and meet our wonderful therapists!
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Signs That An OT Evaluation May Be Needed

Are you curious if occupational therapy is right for your child? 
Take a look at the list below to determine if your child shares any of these difficulties: 
- Delay In Motor Coordination
- Difficulty writing/drawing or managing tools such as scissors or eating utensils
- Difficulty with balance activities
- Appears clumsy or uncoordinated
- Poor posture
- Lacks hand preference
- Appears too weak or too strong for certain tasks
- Fails to use both sides of the body for 
bi-manual work
- Difficulty with forming peer relationships or lacks appropriate social skills for age
- Withdrawn or has difficulty with playground and sports activities
- Appears defensive to touch/textures, tastes, smells or sounds
- Craves rough play and lacks safety awareness
- Trouble completing multi-step processes
- Difficulty with concentration, focus, and attention
- Difficulty processing and integrating information
- Poor organization skills

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