About Us

Sensory Solutions is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic that facilitates growth and development in children of all ages. We strongly believe each child is unique and we design our individualized treatment plans based on each child’s particular strengths and needs.

Since we know skill acquisition is a process, we have created a continuum of care starting with comprehensive assessments, customized treatment plans, and group or individual weekly or bi-weekly therapy. As goal-based practitioners, we regularly assess progress and calibrate treatment to make sure each child achieves mastery as needed at school, at play, and in family interactions.

Our Values

Caring and compassionate


Committed to growth and excellence

Flexible, creative and fun

Value diversity

Holistic in our approach



Our Style

We focus on efficiency 
With a focus on progress, potential and hope -growth mindset
Collaboration is key
With a focus on the child’s and families’ strengths and development
We build trust, honor commitment,
and gain success through Exploration and Play

One on One Services

Through the exploration of play, our one on one child-focused sessions collaboratively provide services that aim to support our children in their process of growth. 

By focusing on their strengths and developmental needs, we are committed to building trust and successful outcomes. 

What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory integration is the process by which people register, modulate, and discriminate sensations received through the sensory systems to produce purposeful, adaptive behavior in response to the environment (Ayres, 1976/2005). Through sensory play, children receive the appropriate input in order to regulate and function successfully in daily interactions within their environment.  

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